• Dennis Public Library, 5 Hall Street, Dennisport 508-760-6219. Hours of Operation: Tuesday through Thursday 10am~8pm, Friday/Saturday 10am~2pm.
  • Dennis Memorial Library, 1020 Old Bass River Road, Dennis 508-385-2255. Hours of Operation: Monday~Thursday 1~8pm, Friday/Saturday 1~5pm.
  • Jacob Sears Memorial Library, 23 Center Street, E. Dennis 508-385-8151. Horus of Operation: Monday through Saturday 9am~1pm.
  • South Dennis Free Public Library, 389 Main Street, S. Dennis 508-394-8954. Hours of Operation: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday  10am~4pm, Saturday 10am~12pm.
  • West Dennis Public Library , 260 Main Street/Route 28, W. Dennis 508-398-2050. Hours of Operation:  Monday through Friday 10am~2pm, Sunday 11am~2pm.